The Studio

Devji Aurum Founder

Shri Devji Ramji Sagar(1938-1994)

The Innocence of Adventure

It was 1947 when a young boy, Shri Devji Ramji Sagar, stepped out of a ship arriving from Mumbai to Bahrain. A nomad at roots, originally from a village in Mekhari in the area of Saurashtra, which falls within the Gujarati region. His deep-rooted heritage is in gold jewelry, the family trade that has been passed on for nine generations before him. Driven by passion, his innate sense of curiosity in the learning process shapes his next steps. Being the eldest son, Devji Ramji Sagar takes on the responsibility to help his father, replacing his books with the artistry of gold from which he finds passion that shapes his future and ours.

Honesty, Dedication, Innovation and Humility

The journey of Shri Devji Ramji Sagar was guided by his ultimate values. He passed away in Bahrain amongst his family in 1994 where he established the GCC born brand. His values are his legacy that proudly lives on in Devji Aurum ever since inspiring the Aurumness of the brand. The Legacy of Shri Devji Ramji Sagar is a demonstration of humanity that was so powerful yet simple as it touched the lives of generations. A history of a journey, the will of a single human being, his passion for the craft and his innate vision that brings each piece to life. His story celebrates a journey more than a destination, one that is destined to thrive and live on.

The Collection

Devji Aurum Bridal Collection


A symbol of timeless elegance, a classic design. Perfectly aligned solitaires combined with playful arrangement of emerald, pear, oval and round diamonds lends this unique piece a contemporary twist sited for a unique bride.

Devji Aurum Allure Collection


Ruhi Inspired long necklace influenced by the royalties, the noble dress code of maharajas and empresses. A unique creation merges from modern interpretations of an ever-loved rich heritage.

Devji Aurum Oubharia Collection


The simplicity in design complements natural beauty, with an elegance that underlines and brings out the radiance of the diamonds.

Devji Aurum Rhui Collection


Generations together, from Mother to Daughter and Daughter after that, this uniquely masterful collection brings forward the finest of generational creations. Truly timeless, Ruhi is made from the highest classification of gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Devji Aurum Gem Orchid Collection

Gem Orchid

The Precious rarity of the most ethereal masterpieces. A statement of richness explained with a story for natures finest creations.

Devji Aurum Gem Orchid Collection

New Trends

Exquisitely designed, each creation has a story to tell. Luscious, green emeralds, sapphires and diamonds come together to create a classic piece of timeless beauty.

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Devji Aurum celebrates precious moments of women throughout time with ethereal creations,
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Experience grand gestures in a distinctive humble nature.
Discover the latest collections at Mall of The Emirates and Dubai Mall in the UAE, Al AAli Mall, Seef Mall and City Center in Bahrain.

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